What Does a Temporary 10 Minute Email Do? A site you want to register requires your e-mail address to send a verification e-mail, but you do not want to give your real e-mail address? You may not want to receive mail from both the site you want to register and other spam sites. Spam mailing lists cause you to waste time while reaching your really important mails. 10 minute mail systems will save you from annoying e-mails that may come to your e-mail address. Temporary e-mail addresses you will create at 10minutesemail.net provide disposable, temporary, free, anonymous and secure service.

Some sites sell their registered users’ e-mail addresses and even personal information for money. Malicious people who buy your e-mail address can cause your business to be disrupted by sending offensive and spam e-mails. The mailbox of your real e-mail that you use every day should be kept clean and secure. 10 minute email allows you to safely avoid spam. It is very safe because it is disposable and cannot be used again. The duration of these e-mail addresses created for only 10 minutes can be increased with a single click if this time is not enough. The inbox is refreshed every 10 seconds to check for new mail. When you are done with the 10 min mail, you can delete it with one click. The system never saves incoming mails or their contents.


Recover Email Address

The e-mail address you create once may need to be used once again. For example, a site might want to send you a new email verification to log in. In this case, you need to access the e-mail address you created and deleted to use it for only 10 minutes. You can access this e-mail address again thanks to the Recovery Key. Don’t forget to write down your recovery key.

Mobile Compatibility

With its responsive design, 10minutesemail.net can be used easily on both computers and mobile devices. All operations are done in the same window, there is nothing that can create complexity in the use phase. Temporarily given 10 min mail can be copied with one click.

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What Does a Temporary 10 Minute Email Do?
What Does a Temporary 10 Minute Email Do?

Is Ten Minute Mail Paid?

Although some temporary mail services are paid, 10minutesemail.net is completely free. Moreover, the site does not contain annoying ads, pop-ups, codes that use the computer’s CPU power. You can safely use this site when you do not want to give your personal e-mail and you want to avoid spam e-mails.

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